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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of split tooth as an unstudied reason for tooth extractionAZODO, C. C.; OSAGHAE, I. P.
2014Analysis of tooth mortality among nigerian children in a tertiary hospital setting.AZODO, C. C.; CHUKWUMAH, N.; ORIKPETE, E.
2014Antibiotics prescription in Nigerian dental healthcare servicesAZODO, C. C.; OJEHANON, P. I.
2013Association between Periodontal Status, Oral Hygiene Status and Tooth Wear among Adult Male Population in Benin City, NigeriaAZODO, C. C.; UMOH, A.
2009Blood screening in a southern Nigeria City: a case study with SAVAN.AZODO, C. C.; EHIKHAMENOR, E.; FESTUS, E.; CHINEDU, E.
2013Dental conditions among competitive university athletes in Nigeria.AZODO, C. C.; OSAZUWA, O.
2012Dentoalveolar abscess among children attending a dental clinic in Nigeria.AZODO, C. C.; CHUKWUMAH, N. M.; EZEJA, E. B.
2014Dentofacial injuries in commercial motorcycle accidents in Cameroon: pattern and cost implication of careAZODO, C. C.; AGBOR, A. M.; NAIDOO, S.; EBOT, E. B.
2014Do stages of dentistry training affect anxiety provoking situations?AZODO, C. C.; OBARISIAGBON, A.; OMOAREGBA, J.; JAMES, B.
2012Does any relationship exist between self reported gingival bleeding, oral health perception, practices and concerns?AZODO, C. C.; OJEHANON, P. I.
2011Does concern about halitosis influence individual's oral hygiene practices?AZODO, C. C.; ONYEAGBA, M. I.; ODAI, C. D.
2011Expectations and perceptions of Nigerian patients regarding infectious diseases in dentistry.AZODO, C. C.; UMOH, A.; OBORO, H. O.; EHIZELE, A. O; EZEJA, E. B.
2015Gingival health and oral hygiene practices of schoolchildren in the North West Region of Cameroon.AZODO, C. C.; AGBOR, A. M.
2012Hepatitis-B vaccination status among dental surgeons in benin city, Nigeria.AZODO, C. C.; EHIZELE, A.; UCHE, I.; ERHABOR, P.
2015Herpes labialis among dental healthcare providers in NigeriaAZODO, C. C.; UMOH, A. O.
2015Herpes labialis and Nigerian dental health care providers: knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and refusal to treatAZODO, C. C.; UMOH, A. O.
2012Nigerian clinical level medical students' knowledge of dental specialtyAZODO, C. C.; ADEGHE, H.; EHIGIATOR, O.; EHIZELE, A
2010Nigerian dental students' willingness to treat HIV-positive patientsAZODO, C. C.; EHIGIATOR, O.; EHIZELE, A. O.; UMOH, A; EZEJA, E. B.; OBORO, H. O.; EHIGIATOR, L.; OMILI, M.
2014Nigerian dental technology students and human immunodeficiency virus infection: knowledge, misconceptions and willingness to careAZODO, C. C.; OMILI, M.; AKEREDOLU, P.
2013Nigerian dental therapy students' knowledge, attitude, and willingness to care for patients with HIVAZODO, C. C.; EHIZELE, A. O.; UMOH, A.; OKECHUKWU, R.