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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996An aerial frame technique for population estimation: problems, accuracies and potentialsIkhuoria, Isi A.
2011An analysis of urban growth regimes and land use characteristics of an African city using SPOT -1 satellite dataIkhuoria, Isi A.; Sotikare, Fumi O.
2002The Concept of Precision Agriculture with Geoinformatics for Sustainable DevelopmentIkhuoria, Isi A.; Rilwani
2003Environmental Impact of Oil Exploration on the Socio-economic conditions of the Niger Delta Communities: baseline Study of Nembe and EkulamaIkhuoria, Isi A.; Avwunudiogba, A.
1998Environmental knowing with tactile mapsIkhuoria, Isi A.; Irabor, M. O.
2003Geographic Information Systems for Managing Sustainable DevelopmentIkhuoria, Isi A.
1996he provision of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in West AfricaIkhuoria, Isi A.
2003The Impact of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Factors on Desertification in the Semi-Arid Region of NigeriaOdjugo, P. A. O.; Ikhuoria, Isi A.
2013Managing Urban Crimes with Geoinformatics: A case study of Benin City, NigeriaBello, I. E.; Ikhuoria, Isi A.; Agbaje, G. I.; Ogedegbe, S. E.
1986The Nigerian School of GeographyIkhuoria, Isi A.
1986The Nigerian Urban Environment: Aerial Photographic Inventory and Mapping of Land Use CharacteristicsIkhuoria, Isi A.
1992Perspective of Cartographic Education and Status of Women in NigeriaIkhuoria, Isi A.; Onyeka, C. A.
2006Precision farming with Geoinformatics: A new Paradigm for Agricultural Production in a Developing CountryRilwani, L.; Ikhuoria, Isi A.
2000Problems and policy implication of urban residential land use characteristics in NigeriaOmuta, G. E. D.; Ikhuoria, Isi A.
2011Prospects for geoinformatics-based precision farming in the Savanna River basin, NigeriaRilwani, L.; Ikhuoria, Isi A.
1984Rapid Urban Growth and Urban Land Use Patterns in Benin City, NigeriaIkhuoria, Isi A.
4-Jun-2010RECTAS: Strategies and Synergy of Accomplishing Objectives, Vision and Collaborative ResearchIkhuoria, Isi A.
1999The significance of maps and spatial data use in contemporary cartographyIkhuoria, Isi A.; Ogedegbe, S.O.
1999SPOT satellite detection and analysis of urban growth regimes in a pre-colonial African cityIkhuoria, Isi A.
2005A Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Niger Delta: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Petroleum Exploitation on Quality of life in Urhobo and Isoko CommunitiesIkhuoria, Isi A.