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Title: An analysis of urban growth regimes and land use characteristics of an African city using SPOT -1 satellite data
Authors: Ikhuoria, Isi A.
Sotikare, Fumi O.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Geomatica, Canada
Series/Report no.: Vol. 55, No. 3;pp. 347-355
Abstract: The SPOT-1 satellite data are used to trace the development of the city of Ibadan in Nigeria, for its pre-colonial history, colonial and post-colonial. It is possible to trace the stages of growth in area of the city in satellite imagery (added to the old information outdated aerial photographs). The separate stages are apparent in the different land uses in the changing settlement patterns and in the network of urban roads and streets that has evolved since the establishment of Ibadan in the first half of the 19th century. The accounts and estimates the number of inhabitants are correlated to the apparent growth in the imaging area. The article presents brief comments on urban development issues in third world countries and the recent increases in the urban population adding to these problems, and ends with a summary of current trends in growth of Ibadan
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