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Title: The Nigerian Urban Environment: Aerial Photographic Inventory and Mapping of Land Use Characteristics
Authors: Ikhuoria, Isi A.
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: In: Damen, M.C.J, Sicco Smit, G, and Verstappen, H. TH. (eds.) Remote Sensing for Resource Development and Environmental Management. Bakema Publisher, Netherlands
Series/Report no.: pp. 823-829.;
Abstract: The Nigeria urban environment has experienced three great periods of development: pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial. Each stage gave rise to a special type of urban land use (or city) that reflects its experience. These developments which are the results of traditional and modern development mechanisms have remained largely uncontrolled, unmonitored and unmapped. Consequently, the management and mapping of urban land resources is, seemingly, not in tune with the needs of current and future generations on the one hand, while the haphazard development have posed intractable problems for planning on the other. In this paper, a practical application of aerial photographic remote sensing in inventorying and mapping land-use characteristics in three Nigerian urban centres, Lagos, Benin City and Warri is made. The result wholly provides the necessary land-use information and maps for planning and in-depth analysis. It shows more glaringly the unequal impact of our development efforts from pre-colonial period to date. Especially relevant is that the research illustrates the effectiveness of aerial photographic remote sensing in providing the data needed to meet urban land resources and management constraints in developing countries
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