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Title: Neologism in Nigerian English
Authors: Teilanyo, Dirikon Iniebio
Diri, I
Issue Date: Jan-2008
Publisher: Uyo Journal of the Humanities
Series/Report no.: Vol. 13;28-51
Abstract: This paper indentifies the pattern of coinages in the use of English in Nigeria, against the background of “Nigerian English.” The coinages are either of individual lexical items or idiomatic expressions. In lexical neologism, the sub- types identified are those employing affixation, that is the non-standard employement of standard affixes to create new words, and composition, where lexical words are combined in a manner that defies standard selectional restriction or collocation norms. Idiomatic neologism is observed either in the form of lexical and grammatical modification of standard English idioms, or in the form of outright invention of new idioms through intralingual manipulation of English words or through the literal translation of idioms in the indeginious languages into English
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