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Title: Lexico-Semantic Nigerianisms in Nigerian Newspapers
Authors: Teilanyo, Dirikon Iniebio
Diri, I
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: CASIL (Calabar Studies in Languages)
Series/Report no.: Vol. 16.No. 1;21-49
Abstract: This paper studies the occurrence of “Nigerianisms” in the news reports of Nigerian newspapers. The data is collected through a random reading of these newspapers over a period of four years. The data analyzed are limited to the linguistic levels of vocabulary and meaning. The specific features studied are the occurrence of un-English words and expressions, semantic extension, tautology, malapropism, code-mixing and innovations in idiomatic structure. The work is placed within the context of existing literature on “Nigerian English” and the language of news reporting. It is argued that the consistency in use of these non-native English features in formal news reportage in Nigerian newspapers lends further credence and weight to the existence, codification and elaboration of the functions of “Nigerian English” as a language variety
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