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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Biodegradation of aliphatic, aromatic,resinic and asphaltic fractions of crude oil contamination soils by Pleurotus tuber-regium (Fr) Singer. a white rot fungusOkhuoya, J.A; Ogbo, E.M
2009Growth of Lentinus squarrosullus (M) Singer on sawdust of different tropical tree species.Okhuoya, J.A; Oghenekaro, A.O
2008Vegetative growth studies of Psathyrella atroumbonata PeglerOkhuoya, J.A; Ogbo, E.M
2002Mensah, J.K;Ikhajiagbe, Akomeah, P.A B
2007Leaf anatomy and proximate composition of some grass species grazed by small ruminants in Midwestern Nigeria: A consideration for selectivity of fodder grass.Ikhajiagbe, B; Mensah, J.K; Okonokhua, B.O; Kekere, O; Egwu, E
2006An evaluation of food reserve and nutritional composition of leaves and seeds of African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa Hochst Ex A. Rich) under saline conditions.Ikhajiagbe, B.; Obadoni, B.O; Kekere, O; Mensah, J,K; Okonokhua, B.O
2006Effects of salinity on germination, growth and yield of five groundnut genotypes.Mensah, J.K; Ikhajiagbe, B; Apomeah, P.A; Ekpekurede, E.O
2006Growth response of fluted pumpkin (Telferia occidentalis L.) in soil polluted with waste engine oilIkhajiagbe, B
2002Contributions of Southern Nigeria to oil palm developmentIkhajiagbe, B; Mensah, J.K; Igbinovia, V
2006Ecotaxonomic distribution of plant species around auto mechanic workshops in Asaba and Benin City: Identification of oil tolerant species.Anoliefo, G.O; Diafe, F.V; Ikhajiagbe, B; Okonokhua, B.O