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Authors: Omoruyi, Francis E.O
Ojogwu, C.N.
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Community and adult Education Research Society of Nigeria
Series/Report no.: (3);1&2,
Abstract: In this new dispensation, the need for all to be fully involved or t ake active part in politics cannot be overemphasized. To ensure full compliance and sustenance of such compliance demand that we understudy the situation thoroughly with a view to seeking means of achieving this. This explains why this study x-rayed women’s status in politics and political participation. 300 women respondents randomly drawn from three urban and three rural communities in Ovia South West Local Government Areas were used for the study. The major instrument for data collection was the questionnaire. The analysis of the data showed that women’s assessment of politics is very poor. They have very bad attitude towards politics and participation. There appear to be a kind of apathy or general indifference on the part of the women in the area towards politics and participating in decision making since the women do not showed that they are willing to vote and not seek elective positions. And because they do not totally detest politics and political participation, it was suggested that they should be motivated to become interested through appropriate legislation.
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