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Title: Les spécificités du relief tonal en Edo: contribution à l’étude du “downdrift” et du “downstep.”’ in Lhote, E. (ed), A la découverte des paysages sonores des langues
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: Annales Litt é raires de l’Universit é de Besançon
Series/Report no.: 353;175-201
Abstract: The “downdrift” and “downstep” phenomena, two tonal processes which characterize tonal languages such as the Ẹdo language, are addressed in this study. These two processes give the tonal pattern of the « soundscape » of the language in question. The soundscape is comparable to chains of mountains separated by the valleys in a typical landscape. It is argued in this study that the downstep phenomenon in Ẹdo results from three ordered phonological processes: downdrift, vowel elision, and tone shift.
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